Our Programmes/Activities


Under our education focus, we organize a compendium of formal literacy and digital literacy programs for children and young people across schools and community settings – such as mobile library services, mobile computer classrooms, Book-a-thon competitions, and democracy clubs. We also provide continuous professional development assistance through building professional development plans and organizing periodic training for school teachers.

Oyo e-Literacy Project

The ‘Oyo e-Literacy Van’ is a mobile ICT classroom owned and managed by MAYEIN, which currently houses 15 internet-enabled computers, 20 tablets and 2 effective trainers who administer practical training using a friendly manual. This mobile ICT classroom visits public secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria, once a week, to deliver hourly practical training sessions to students on the basics of how to use computers and the internet, empowering them with digital skills for learning and innovation.

Mobile Libraries and Community Resource Centres

Since 2012, MAYEIN has been taking mobile libraries to children in underserved communities across Oyo State, to give poor children access to books, literacy building activities and vast learning resources in a fun and highly engaging setting. Currently MAYEIN’s mobile library has over 800 users across 3 communities in Oyo State. In addition MAYEIN’s mobile library is an implementing partner of ‘Kolibri’, a global E-learning project supported by Google, for children across formal and non-formal settings.

Annual City Bookathons

MAYEIN organizes marathon book reading events for teenagers across different cities in Nigeria. These ‘Book-a-thons’ are designed to promote literacy and a vibrant reading culture among teenagers. Through reading, young people’s knowledge and creativity is fostered and they become equipped with the tools to transform self, community and the nation.

Teachers Development Assistance Programme (T-DAP)

We offer a high impact Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme for every 21st Century School Teacher. School teachers are empowered with new knowledge, best classroom practices, resource guides and communities of practice that help improve their classroom methods and real learning outcomes of students. Each workshop is individually designed and customized for schools, incorporating the school mission, vision and values.

Girls Without Borders

MAYEIN also trains secondary school students to become peer educators on girls’ rights through a program called “Girls Without Borders”, which has since trained over 300 secondary school students in Oyo State as peer educators on children and girls rights. Our activities have led to improved skills outcomes for young people, empowering them to access critical information services and opportunities as well as gain knowledge of their rights.

Participatory Budgeting