Positive Youth Development

We connect children and teenagers with literacy resources, mentoring opportunities and train them in soft skills needed for 21st century competence.

MAYEIN Mobile Library


One of our flagship programmes is our mobile library which goes into poor communities every Saturday. The mobile library is our strategy to ensure that library services reach poor communities and that socially disadvantaged children are able to access knowledge and information resources as well as improve their literacy skills. Currently we have over 500 children registered as users of our mobile library. We also host weekly mentoring sessions for the library users, train them in basic computer skills and host a Spelling Bee competition every week, with the award of weekly prizes to winners.

Nationwide City Book-a-thons


To commemorate the World Book Day and World Literacy Day respectively, every year, MAYEIN organizes marathon book reading events for teenagers across different cities in Nigeria. These events are designed to promote literacy and a vibrant reading culture amongst young people which form a bedrock of social transformation. Through reading books, an individual’s knowledge and creativity is fostered and they become equipped with the tools to transform one’s self, community and nation.

In April 2018, MAYEIN organised the Ibadan City Book-a-thon in collaboration with Booksellers Ltd, a foremost Book store in the Country. The theme of this year’s event was “Read. Create. Transform” and featured 30 teenagers who read 4 books by different authors for 4 hours. MAYEIN is preparing to organise the ABUJA CITY BOOK-A-THON on September 8th, in commemoration of the World Literacy Day. 10.5 million children are currently out of school in Nigeria thus being denied literacy and functional life skills. The event in Abuja will sensitize stakeholders about the need to ensure access to literacy and basic education for EVERY child in the Country.

Girl Child Advocacy and Empowerment

We organise leadership trainings and career guidance workshops for school girls. We also ignite dialogues in communities on issues affecting the girl child. In 2016 MAYEIN co-implemented the “Stand with Malala” International Campaign with Youth Hub Africa by utilising the documentary “He named Me Malala” to raise awareness and generate dialogues among stakeholders across South-West, Nigeria, about girl education rights. We successfully engaged over 1500 stakeholders, unearthing misconceptions about the impact of formal education on girls and as a result over 700 parent ‘gate keepers’ have pledged to ensure that their female children go to school. In 2017, MAYEIN provided training and technical support to 18 role models in the Girls Connect Project, which connected over 2 million girl callers with inspiring content and live role model conversations over an innovative IVR platform. Through the project girls in Northern Nigeria gained access to information on safety, relationships, money and social media and spoke directly with trained role models about issues they face growing up.

Youth Civic Engagement Education

We establish civic clubs in secondary schools tagged “Boys & Girls for Democracy” which provide practical civic and democratic experiences for school students. In 2017, MAYEIN implemented a Participatory Budgeting Project across 3 Secondary schools in Oyo State, successfully training 400 students on how to take part in their school spending and democratic decision making through elections. Today MAYEIN has established democracy clubs in the 3 schools, keeping students continuously engaged in positive civic experiences and democracy learning activities.

Girls Without Borders

As part of our efforts to raise awareness and generate dialogues about girl child education, rights and advocacy, we organised a non-residential workshop which held on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at Davies Hotel, Ibadan, for 30 secondary school students across several secondary schools in Oyo State. These 30 students were trained on the effective ways to advocate for improved girls’ rights in their communities. The goal of the project is empower school girls and boys to use their ‘voices’ to defend girl child rights in Nigeria. The workshop involved training sessions, immersive video/documentary viewing sessions, working groups, presentations and individual tasks which adopted a participatory style of learning involving participant-led discussions.

By participating in the workshop, these 30 students have now gained in-depth knowledge of girl child rights (from both national and global context), and have received training on how to implement small scale advocacy projects to address issues facing the girl child in their communities. And MAYEIN is excited to be working with 4 students to implement their advocacy projects.


MAYEIN is glad to be one of the 2018 recipients of Kolibri Hardware Grants, supported by Learning Equality (a Google funded project). Through this, we will be taking quality educational materials into communities within Oyo State, to reach even the most excluded and underserved children. More than 200 children and 30 teachers will be trained on how to carry out E-learning through open source educational platform.

So far, we have impacted over 25 children in just 1 session during our ‘Technology Hour’ in MAYEIN Mobile Library in Alaaka community, Ojoo, Ibadan.