About Us

Mentoring Assistance for Youths and Entrepreneurs Initiative (MAYEIN) is registered as an Incorporated Trusteeship with registration No: CAC/IT/NO 52811 and a registered constitution. The Organization is governed by an 8 member Board of trustees, presided over by a chairman. For 8 years MAYEIN has been implementing a compendium of solid literacy, e-Literacy and Positive Youth Development (PYD) programs reaching over 5000 educationally disadvantaged children and youth across poor communities and public school settings in Nigeria’s South-West region. Currently MAYEIN’s mobile library has over 800 users across 3 communities in Oyo State. In addition MAYEIN is currently an implementing partner of ‘Kolibri’, a global E-learning project supported by Google, for children across formal and non-formal settings.  Through a collaboration with Youth Hub Africa and the Malala Foundation, MAYEIN has engaged over 3000 adult gatekeepers (parents, community heads and religious leaders) across South-west Nigeria, in a series of girls’ education campaigns. These campaigns have resulted in over 700 formal pledges by adult gatekeepers to keep girls in school. MAYEIN has also developed separate Peer Educator manuals on Digital Literacy, Girls’ Rights and Participatory Budgeting (PB) for High school students.